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Hourly Flat Rate for Space

  • $170/hour

  • $120/hour for non-profits (501c3 paperwork required)

Staff Rates

  • BCPA Manager - $30/hour​

  • BCPA Tech Staff - $12-14/hour (Need determined by technical complexity of event.)

Seat Maintenance Fee

  • $1/seat - based on attendance​  e.g. 300 attendees = $300​

Additional Services

  • Flat fee for use of Steinway Grand Piano - $150

  • Ticketing and A La Carte Marketing services available. For more info, contact Liz at

Reservation Form

To request usage of the facility, use the attached form.

Building Specs

For a full list of theater specs, click on this document.

Event Details

Please use the attached form, to provide the details of your event.

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