All entities using BAS facilities agree to abide by the policies and guidelines of BAS as well as any Executive Orders, CDC recommendations, MHSAA guidelines, or local ordinances pertaining to COVID-19.


Hourly Flat Rate for Space

  • $170/hour

  • $120/hour for non-profits (501c3 paperwork required)

Staffs Rates

  • BCPA Manager - $30/hour​

  • BCPA Tech Staff - $12-14/hour (Need determined by technical complexity of event.)

Seat Maintenance Fee

  • $1/seat - based on attendance​  e.g. 300 attendees = $300​

Additional Services

  • Flat fee for use of Steinway Grand Piano - $150

  • Ticketing and A La Carte Marketing services available. Contact Ken at for further information.

Reservation Form

To request usage of the facility, use the attached form.

Building Specs

For a full list of theater specs, click on this document.

Event Details

Please use the attached form, to provide the details of your event.